Ready to become trained in the fastest growing, all natural hair removal method of sugaring—but don’t know where to start?

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Amanda’s Sugaring Academy is a fast-track course and tutorial bundle to help you get certified in sugaring, so you can offer your clients a natural method of hair removal, and increase your revenue at the same time!


The variety of services matter more than you think

MamaBare Sugaring Studio offers the best alternative to waxing in four Central Florida locations:

Port Orange, Lake Mary, Oviedo & Ormond Beach. Once you try sugaring, you’ll never wax again.

We empower you to feel confident by removing unwanted hair and insecurities.

We sweetly remove unwanted facial + body hair with a process called sugaring.

That’s where sugaring comes in. 

It all starts with learning the benefits and proper technique.

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Let's be real, wax hurts.

Every licensed cosmetologist and esthetician knows that waxing not only hurts, but it's also messy and full of chemicals.

Sugaring allows customers to get hooked with amazing results. There is little to no discomfort after sugaring which keeps them coming back to the natural and relaxing nature of the service.

But sugaring isn't shared in traditional cosmetology or esthetician schools. Many of us feel we can only provide waxing as a traditional, proven hair removal service.

Sound familiar? If you’re like many estheticians and cosmetologists, you can probably relate…

Perhaps you’ve wanted to incorporate sugaring, but didn’t know where to start and waxing is already something your studio provides, so you stuck with that.

Or you're trying to gain repeat clients that come in frequently and never skip an appointment!

Your time is precious! And in our field, continuing education is crucial to your success. The next opportunity to grow that you commit to needs to be worth it.

You’re not alone. As a service-based business owner, I’ve been there myself…

sugar dip
woman underarms

Until I figured out the secret weapon to increasing revenue through offering a natural hair removal method…

…I’ve trained hundreds of women with my 16 years of hands-on sugaring experience and knowledge. I've seen all the different types of hair, skin, and body types.

I help women feel confident in their skin. My goal is to remove unwanted body insecurities by removing unwanted body hair.

Now I’m on a mission to help women like you discover the power of natural hair removal through sugaring.

Hey, I’m Amanda!

I’m the Founder of MamaBare Sugaring Studios and Creator of Amanda's Sugaring Academy. I have been sugaring for over 16 years and trained dozens of women in the art of sugaring. My mission is to empower others to feel confident by removing unwanted hair and insecurities.


I opened the first MamaBare location in Port Orange in 2017 when my family and I moved there. I’ve since opened 3 more locations in Central Florida. My passion is creating a workplace that empowers women to feel confident, valued and respected while facilitating their growth in an uplifting culture.

MamaBare Branding

What you'll get...

A new stream of profit into a studio or a salon, because once a client is hooked on sugaring, they don't give it up

A basic understanding of the skin and hair growth cycles

The foundation of how to set up a room

Knowledge of how to work with the sugar

Basic body and facial sugaring techniques

Pre and post sugaring care

Certification that allows you to offer this service to existing and potential clientele


“Amanda has been the best trainer. She has the utmost patience and motivation to make sure that those being trained are ready to sugar when they feel comfortable and prepared. I felt confident to ask her questions and get the best and most helpful response. I felt like I was prepared for anything once I made it to the books.”

- Elizabeth Hernandez

Imagine what your business could look like next year if you add sugaring to your list of services...

Lock in this low price of $349 + $99 supply kit including two jars of sugar paste, gloves, and a recover soothing gel!

Adding sugaring to your services can have lasting effects.

You can become the first studio your customers think about because of sugaring…

Isn’t hot like wax

Is water-soluble - doesn't ruin linens, cleans up easily

Doesn't remove the top layer of skin

Lasts longer than waxing - removing hair in the same direction

It’s All-natural - sugar, water, and lemon juice

Has no cross-contamination

It’s hypoallergenic - all skin types, no skin irritation

Can pick up shorter hair than with waxing, the size of a grain of rice

Lasts about a month

MamaBare Branding

“Amanda was absolutely amazing! Her patience and instruction was top notch. The knowledge she gave me along with the best hand method technique has made me the best specialist I could be! I highly recommend her as a trainer.”

— Stefanie Gurka

I’ll show you how to make sugaring your secret weapon for growing your beauty business inside Amanda’s Sugaring Academy. Get started today for only $349 + $99 supply kit!

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“I’ve been working at MamaBare for two years and I love it!  Sugaring has changed my life.  Amanda is excellent at her craft and puts her heart and soul in it. Training with her was a great experience. She’s with you every step of the way with any questions or concerns you may have. Her technique’s and standards are above all. I feel proud that I trained under her, knowing I received the best knowledge in Sugaring! Thank you so much for all you do and support you give.”

— Kimberly Capone

In Amanda's Sugaring Academy, we cover:






Full Arm

Under Arm


MamaBare Branding

In esthetician school, we learned the basics of skin care and waxing. I had always been interested in sugaring since one of my classmates introduced me to it but I never knew where to start. I applied to MamaBare Sugaring Studio thinking I was under-qualified and hoping for the best. To my surprise the owner, Amanda, reached out to me and welcomed me to her business with open arms.

Sugaring is very detail oriented, and can be tricky to learn. Amanda has an extremely detailed training period for each person she hires where she goes over the vocabulary of sugaring, what each service consists of, and different techniques for each service. Amanda let me shadow some of her clients during this period of time where I got to see her using those techniques in action. She thoroughly explained everything and after I shadowed a few services she let me practice on her and the other specialists. This was a really important part of the training because Amanda was able to tell me what she felt I was doing right and what I could improve on. Though I got a little discouraged during the training period, Amanda was constantly pouring love and affirmation into me, reminding me that I can do it and it just takes practice.

Amanda was the most patient and loving person I could have asked to train me. Because of her, I feel extremely confident in my work, I’m extremely passionate about my profession, and I’m excited for the future at MamaBare."

— Alyssa Caro-Hernandez

Get all of this for only $349 + $99 Supply Kit!

Disclaimer: In order to provide sugaring services to the public you must hold a valid cosmetology or esthetician license.