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Meet Our Sugaring Team

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Amanda Yarbrough

Port Orange

Amanda is the Owner of MamaBare Sugaring Studio. She has been Sugaring for over 13 years since she was trained in Dallas, Texas. She worked in a full-service salon, but loved sugaring so much that she worked on it exclusively.

She opened the first MamaBare location in Port Orange in 2017 when she and her family moved here. She's since opened 2 more locations in Central Florida.

Her favorite services to perform are Brazilians and underarms. Because of how gentle sugaring is on the skin and how great the results are, once you go sugar, you never go ‘wax’.

Amanda is more than a business owner and specialist, though. She’s an Air Force wife and mom to 3 kids and an Old English Bulldog.  Want two fun facts about Amanda? She coaches cheerleading and met her husband when she was just 10 YEARS OLD! Crazy!

Schedule an appointment with Amanda by booking online or calling 407-942-3030.

amanda at mambare
stefanie at mamabare


Ormond Beach

Stefanie is the Owner of our most recent MamaBare Sugaring Studio, Ormond Beach. She started as a Specialist at our Port Orange location. Before being the great business owner and amazing Sugaring Specialist she is, she worked in the medical field. But her daughter, Amanda (Yes, OUR Amanda!!), introduced her to sugaring and she hasn’t looked back!

Stefanie LOVES MamaBare clients. Her favorite service to perform is Brazilians. She loves watching her first-time clients go from skeptical to joyful when they see the results of going bare down there. She thinks it’s so cool that she gets to perform services - like Brazilians - that gives results like no other, and that from doing that, the clients receiving those services become family. She loves being surrounded by all of the encouraging and compassionate women she’s met. Stefanie said she’s so grateful to be part of this company... and we hope she knows how grateful we are to have HER!

Outside of the studio, Stefanie is a mother of 2, and a grandma to 5... soon to be 6! And a lil’ fact about Stefanie that we’re sure you’ll relate to... she LOVES the beach. It’s her happy place and her favorite escape.

Schedule an appointment with Stephanie by booking online or calling 386-281-5025.

christina at mamabare


Lake Mary

Christina is our Studio Director at the Lake Mary location of MamaBare Sugaring Studio! She started as a Specialist at our Port Orange location and is slaying as the fearless leader over in Lake Mary. Her favorite service to perform is Brazilians. Her favorite service for herself is underarms -- she gets them done every 3 weeks on the dot.

Christina has been sugaring with us for over 2 years. Before sugaring, she used to work with a waxing company. She made the switch to sugar and MamaBare permanently, she says this is the best company she's ever been a part of.

Some of the other sweet parts of Christina's life include her partner (who is her best friend...cue the '"aww!") and their 4 kids. And a fun fact about her? She is a total theater geek! If there's one thing we know for sure, she's definitely defying gravity with MamaBare Sugaring Studio.

Schedule an appointment with Christina by booking online or calling 407-942-3030.

marcie at mamabare


Port Orange

Marcie has been with MamaBare since the Lake Mary studio opened over a year ago! She made the move to Port Orange after a relocation. She enjoys helping people look and feel bare and beautiful! Marcie says, “MamaBare is my home away from home and can be yours too!” She always strives to give clients the best experience with every service provided.


Marcie starts her day at 5:30am at the CrossFit gym. She says fitness has become a huge part of her daily routine and it truly helps her mind, body and soul. In her free time you can find her trying out new local cafes and restaurants. This past year she has developed a love for travel. On her days off you can find her soaking in the sun by the pool.

Schedule an appointment with Marcie by booking online or calling 407-942-3030.

kayla at mamabare


Ormond Beach

Kayla is mama to a beautiful 7 year old daughter. She was born and raised in Daytona Beach. She enjoys swimming in the pool, gardening, hosting Sunday Fundays with dinner and friends and of course (being a local) LOVES taking the motorcycles out as a family. In her personal time she loves thrifting at the local shops, creating new styles and making old things new again .. it is one of her passions! Another fun fact, she was in a man’s world before MamaBare, the Army.

She was a committed client before becoming a sugar specialist. Once you sugar, you never go back! She feels like “the Brazilian” is her super power! She says the relationships we get to build with our clients are life-changing. “We really have a second family when we come to work!” she says.

Schedule an appointment with Kayla by booking online or calling 386-281-5025.

monica at mamabare


Lake Mary

Monica is a proud mama to two amazing college kids and one little furball, Sunny, that she love to pieces too. She’s a valley girl! She grew up on the west coast in Oregon, Idaho and California. She plays the piano and loves music (from classical to hard rock) and loves going to concerts and musicals.  Piano playing keeps her sugaring fingers strong!

She says she had one sugaring demonstration in school and knew right away THAT’S what she wanted to do! Her mom was ahead of her time and taught her to use organic/natural products/food from a young age. She loves doing underarms because she was so happy with her own underarm results from sugaring. She loves to wear tank tops year round and sugaring makes her feel confident doing so.

Schedule an appointment with Monica by booking online or calling 407-942-3030.

lexie at mamabare


Lake Mary

Lexie is a devoted mother to two dogs and a cat. She was born on Long Island but has lived in South Florida for most of her life. Lexie and her husband moved to Central Florida a couple of years ago and love it here...They’ve definitely been getting their Disney and Universal Studios fix. Her dream in life is to renovate an old R.V. and travel the country full time with her husband and pets.

Before getting into sugaring she did facials and waxing. After seeing the results from sugaring she says she could never go back to waxing. “It's so much gentler on the skin and the results are better.” she says. Her favorite service to do is Brazilians. She loves hearing why clients decide to do the service. Whether it be an upcoming vacation, a surprise for their partner, or just doing it for themselves. She feels honored that people put their trust in her for such an intimate service and she does her best to make it as comfortable as possible.

Schedule an appointment with Lexie by booking online or calling 407-942-3030.



Ormond Beach

Yemi was born in Minneapolis, MN. Before moving down to Florida she lived in Nigeria part time. She fell in love with all things beauty and decided to become an esthetician. Once she was introduced to sugaring she was so intrigued with the concept that she decided to pursue a career as a sugaring specialist. In her free time she loves to create lifestyle vlogs for her youtube channel. Yemi disliked how much waxing irritated her and her client’s skin, she says “Sugaring just agrees with my skin, its easy application is way gentler” .“Now that I sugar my skin has been smoother, clearer and brighter!” She says she loves sugaring so much that she never wants to stop!

Schedule an appointment with Yemi by booking online or calling 386-281-5025.

nicole at mamabare


Ormond Beach

Nicole is the middle child in a family of 5. She is mama to a 1 year old pug puppy, Daisy! Before becoming a sugaring specialist Nicole was a client of MamaBare! She loved it so much she got licensed so she could join the team!

Nicole made the switch to sugaring after getting her eyebrows waxed and being burned several time. She loves that the sugar isn’t hot when applied! Her favorite service to do is the Brazilian. She loves helping women feel confident in their skin!

Schedule an appointment with Nicole by booking online or calling 386-281-5025.

bree mcmanus at mamabare


Port Orange

Bree is a local Floridian that was born and raised in the beach town, Wilbur by the Sea. She is a crazy cat lady with 5 cats! In her free time she does anime cosplay, plays too many video games and speaks German.

Bree did hard wax before sugaring. She fell in love with sugaring because of the instant results. She says sugaring provides longer lasting results with signs of permanent hair loss showing much sooner. She believes sugaring leaves a cleaner finish too. Her favorite services are the Brazilian and back. Smooth as a baby!!

Schedule an appointment with Bree by booking online or calling 407-942-3030.

kiera at mamabare


Lake Mary

Keara is originally from Atlanta but has settled in central Florida. She is mama to a cat, Bailey, and a puppy, Amelia.

Before Keara found sugaring she enjoyed giving facials and helping clients feel confident in their skin. Keara prefers sugaring over wax because it’s way less painful and is better overall for the health of the skin. She believes it provides an exfoliating benefit while leaving the skin healthy and intact. “Who doesn’t love sugar?” she says.

Schedule an appointment with Keara by booking online or calling 407-942-3030.



Lake Mary

Katya is a true Floridian who loves the ocean.

She was born in Miami but relocated to the Mt. Dora area. She loves to go to Disney in her free time. Katya is a make up artist and went to school to pursue that career but fell in love with waxing. Since then she found sugaring and has pledged to NEVER WAX AGAIN after seeing all the amazing benefits of sugaring!

Her favorite part of the job is getting to know clients and helping them feel confident! We are so excited to have her on our MamaBare team!