Newbie? We've got ya.

Guide to your first sugaring

Why we love sugaring:

We are sugar obsessed! Why? Because sugar paste is 100% natural, hypoallergenic. It won't irritate or burn your skin. It's a gentle but precise method of hair removal.

Your sugared skin stays silky smooth for about 4 weeks!

And your hair growth will come back smoother, finer and thinner. After several sessions many people notice a reduction in the amount of hair that grows.

Who doesn't love that?!?

sugaring studio in Lake mary

Sugaring Prep List


Arrive 10 minutes early to fill out your paperwork. We know the first time can be a little scary but our specialists are highly trained and will walk you through the process, keep the laughs going and make an uncomfortable service a delightful experience. We can't wait to remove those unwanted hairs.

Before You Come in:

Take an anti-inflammatory


Moisturize days/weeks leading up to your appointment 

Don't shave! Minimum 7-10 days of hair growth are needed, but 10-14 days is ideal

No lotions or oils the day of your appointment

Sugaring FAQ's

Does it hurt?

The least painful way to remove hair is sugaring, however you are still removing hair from the follicle so, yes, it does hurt. It is a good idea to plan for the worst and hope for the best. My experience is those that expect the worst typically can handle the pain better. I am not trying to scare you away, I just want you to be prepared...because it is TOTALLY worth it!!

Can I do sugaring while pregnant?

Sugaring is pregnancy-friendly! Since the sugaring method is chemical-free and hypoallergenic, it is 100% safe for Mama-Bear to go Bare while carrying Baby-Bear! In fact... a lot of our moms-to-be plan their appointment shortly before their expected due date or delivery date!

Can I do sugaring while I'm ovulating?

Try not to come when you are ovulating, you are much more sensitive during this time and will make for a more painful experience. Which brings me to my next point...

Can I get sugared while on my cycle?

Yes, try coming on a lighter day and wear a tampon. We do this everyday and are not embarrassed!!